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Whipped Cream – What foods go well with cream

Whipped Cream – What foods go well with cream

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Whipped Cream – for Desserts only?

Whipped Cream has become very popular in recent years and the rise of Dream Cream over recent years is testament to that. We have seen an exponential growth in the number of Cream Chargers that we have sold over recent years and in particular, we have been selling our 600 Cream Chargers at a faster-moving rate than ever in 2019!

Most people assume that the whipped cream that comes from Cream Chargers can only be used with desserts. However, there are many different types of culinary delicacies that will go well with whipped cream. In this article, we will have a look at some of the many ways in which you can use your whipped cream to bring some extra flavour to your dishes.

Various Breakfast treats

Now we know that’s a broad description but there are literally 100’s of breakfast treats where you can use cream to give it that unique taste that comes from whipped cream. This is especially useful if you have any leftover cream from before. We sometimes have very early starts here at Dream Cream due to the nature of the business and at times, we have staff that come in as early as 6am. With that in mind, we have a kitchen where we sometimes make breakfast with scrambled eggs, a bit of a speciality at Dream Cream.

The ‘icing on the cake’ of this Dream Cream speciality is of course the cream which makes the scrambled eggs even more tender and delicious. I suppose the fact that most of our staff now have cream with their scrambled eggs tells you something! We highly recommend trying some cream the next time you have scrambled eggs.

For those who prefer a more healthier option, you can also try cream on top of your bowl of oats and porridge, as it can add some extra richness in the flavour. Just remember, the key to enhancing the taste is using the best Cream Charger, which in our professional opinion are those Cream Chargers that are produced by MOSA. Believe us when we tell you that you’ll be able to taste the difference.

Whipped Cream for Dinner?

Again, it’s not something that you would ordinarily put together. However, there are numerous different recipes where you can use whipped cream to add that extra bit of texture which, depending on your taste buds can enhance the taste.

One of our staff recently made a Chicken Tikka Masala with one unique difference – the use of whipped cream. We’ve tried this many times ourselves and we would highly recommend you to give it a shot too. Other simpler foods include adding a dash of whipped cream to your soup or even to a cup of tea!

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