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Is it worth buying a Cream Charger?

Is it worth buying a Cream Charger?

You can’t deny the fact that using a whipped cream when making desserts makes a big difference to the quality of the dessert. Here at Dream Cream, our management team have worked within the restaurant and desserts industry and have a combined experience of over 50 years!

We know how to create delicious desserts and we’re on a mission to help people across the UK improve the quality of the desserts. That’s why we offer exceptional cream chargers at such a low price, with our 600 Cream Chargers for only £199.99 our best-selling product. 

But the question is, is it worth the cost? One of the primary tools that many companies that supply desserts use is through home made creams. These can be made by using a cream whipper, which is a pressurised canister which is powered by Nitrous Oxide. (There are many suppliers throughout the UK and we have an account for Dream Cream deliveries through a Leeds taxi company)

The process is very simple. You simply fill the cream canister with some heavy cream, twist in the Nitrous Oxide charger, shake to even out the gas and then simply press a lever to pipe out the delicious swirls. If your new to the industry, you may find it a new experience to be using these Cream Chargers. But it’s actually a very simple process and once you get the gang of it, it will be very easy. 

The old adage says that ‘You get what you pay for’ and you can apply this to using Cream Chargers. By using them, you will definitely improve the quality of your desserts. 

Here at Dream Cream, we’ve got extensive experience within the restaurant and dessert industry and consider ourselves experts in the food industry. Since we started selling our products online, we have seen massive growth thanks to a Newcastle SEO company, Rocket Media. We personally always recommend that you use Cream Chargers for all your dessert making as it enhances the taste.

That’s one of the reasons we decided to setup the company Dream Cream in the first place. Over the years, we’ve built extensive contacts within the trade and now have access to premium quality cream chargers at a fraction of the price.

Of course, getting the right type of Cream Charger is also very important. That’s why we use only MOSA-approved chargers, as these chargers create desserts and swirls that were fluffy and detailed ad of course delicious.

(Credit: Rocket Media, Newcastle SEO experts)