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How to use a Cream Whipper in 5 simple steps

How to use a Cream Whipper in 5 simple steps

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Using a cream whipper for the first time can be a bit of a daunting experience. However, like most things in life, once you get the hang of it, it will be like a piece of cake (no pun intended). Here at Dream Cream, our management team have experience of working with a range of different cream whippers and we’re going to put our experience to good use in this article by explaining the basics of using a cream whipper.

Let’s get the technical side out of the way first. Cream whippers are sealed canisters that use pressurised gas to oxygenate the cream quickly. They’re a very valuable and versatile tool for any kitchen and are capable of a range of tasks. We recommend having a number of cream chargers available at least in the early stages so you can practice. Here at Dream Cream, we offer 600 Cream Chargers for only £199.99, an exceptional deal when compared to all other competitors. 

They are also a necessity if you make milkshakes or desserts as they ensure a better quality of cream. Whippers can also be used to add texture for any type of dessert. They work well with sauces, mousses, infusions as well as cream for puddings and cold beverages.

Having good ingredients is key to creating delicious desserts. Having a quality cream whipper is also vital and we recommend using MOSA chargers to supercharge the whippers. Your customers will be able to taste the difference. However, it’s important that you use the cream whipper in the right way. Before you begin, make sure you have all the parts and have the right cream chargers to use.

  1. Unscrew the top of the dispenser and insert the tip inside. Securely connect to the canister. Make sure that the O-ring is in place on the underside.
  2. Pour your cream as full as you can. Take care not to fill it too much.
  3. Make sure the top is secure inside the canister. Put the whipper charger into the holder with the small end facing upwards. Slowly twist the charger holder onto the top of the canister until it makes a hissing noise, which signifies that the gas is releasing.
  4. Give the dispenser a shake a few times. Dispense by pushing the lever from the top. If the cream gets too runny then give the dispenser a shake and push the lever.
  5. Once the canister is empty, release the remaining pressure and unscrew the top. Discharge the charger and clean any residue from the nozzle.