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Easter; The Importance of Food and Drink

Easter; The Importance of Food and Drink

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Easter is a wonderful time of the year to spend with loved ones. It is a fantastic occasion to celebrate, for both children and adults. It’s filled with fun, laughter, games, and of course delicious cuisine!

With the Easter season in full swing, here are a few foods and drinks associated with the festivities that we love.

Easter Eggs

You can’t celebrate Easter without Easter eggs! This most common and traditional food is loved by generations around the world. They’re great for Easter egg hunts, decorating and so much more, for all the family to enjoy.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns are the staple of Easter. Did you know the cross on top of these fruit buns is a symbol of the crucifixion – which is why they are traditionally eaten on Good Friday? You can’t celebrate Easter without this delicious treat.

Roast Lamb

The traditional meat dish eaten at Easter time is delicious roast lamb. Often served on Easter Sunday, this tasty meat is associated throughout the spring time due to a large amount of lambs born in the UK around this time.


With lent completed, you are able to drink and eat what you wish! Common and popular British drinks at Easter time are cocktails. During the bank holiday festivities, you can mix together your chosen ingredients and create a delicious, refreshing cocktail.

There are a variety of drinks to choose from, including martinis, Gin and Tonic, or even an iced tea mocktail!

We hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. How did you celebrate?

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