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Cream Chargers from MOSA – how good are they?

Cream Chargers from MOSA – how good are they?

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Here at Dream Cream, we’re passionate about Cream Chargers. Our team of experts have decades’ worth of experience within the dessert industry and we know what we’re talking about when it comes to Cream Chargers.In fact, the only products we stock are Cream Chargers and that decision was made on the basis of becoming the UK’s number one supplier for Cream Chargers.

There has been a huge increase in the popularity of whipped cream on desserts in recent years as restaurants look to compete with each other in providing the best desserts. Traditionally, many restaurants focused a lot less on desserts compared to the mains however, this is no longer the case.

Take a look at the huge increase in the number of dessert parlous that have opened up. The likes of Icestone Gelato have taken the market by storm and you can find a dedicated dessert place in most cities in the UK today. This trend is only likely to continue in 2020 and we can expect the dessert industry to grow from strength-to-strength in the new decade.

Even on Trip Advisor, they now have a dedicated section for reviews on the best desserts!

Most of these places offer whipped cream on many of their dessert dishes and this has led to numerous companies popping up that offer the equipment to make the whipped cream.

There is a huge difference in the quality of these equipment’s and this can certainly be tasted by the customer.

We’ve worked with all the major brands that provide cream chargers which are the main thing that goes into making whipped cream. These include brands such is iSi, LISS and Pro Cream.The question that we get asked a lot is “What is the best Cream Charger“?

Here at Dream Cream however, there is only one brand that we choose to work with when it comes to cream chargers and that is the company MOSA.

The MOSA Industrial corporation is world renowned as a leader in the field of Cream Chargers. In terms of the quality, in our humble opinion of working with cream chargers for many years, we have to say that MOSA is far superior to any of the other competitors.

The quality of all of the MOSA products can make a significant difference in the number of sales that you have. For example, we have an outdoor desserts company that started using Dream Cream’s MOSA-approved chargers for their desserts. They had previously been using LISS cream chargers.

Within 6 months of switching to MOSA, the outdoor desserts company reported a significant increase in the number of customers who kept on coming back and asking for desserts that included whipped-cream. There was a noticeable difference detected by the customers in terms of taste and this inevitably led to an increase in sales.

As mentioned, there are numerous other competitors out there with LISS cream chargers been a standard alternative. However, again, in our experience we have to say that there is no competition between MOSA and LISS products with the MOSA cream chargers being far superior.

For that reason, we EXCLUSIVELY stock only MOSA products and not any of the other companies. Our aim at Dream Cream is to provide restaurant and dessert owners with the best solution for making whipped cream and we know from extensive experience how amazing whipped cream is made via the MOSA cream chargers.

For any inquiries about Cream Chargers in general, feel free to email us at info@dreamcreamuk.co.uk